This is my website ht.xyz, which uses a~~shell~~ python script to generate pages.

All the content for the site goes in the contents folder. Routing is handled by directories. Front matter for the site goes on top of the markdown file which contains variables which will then be replaced in the layout file. After you are done declaring the variables, put +++ on the next line.

You can customize page layout by editing templates/layout.html in the root of the directory. You can write the posts/pages in standard markdown format and they will be converted to html. For pages that act as index pages to sub-folders, a {{listindex}} pointer has been added. Just add that anywhere in the index page within a comment and a list of the posts in that particular folder will be placed there, sorted in descending order by date.

You can configure global site variables at the top of the script.

This script/site comes with no warranty and is for my personal use. If you feel like using it for yourself, make sure you check the script for something that might mess up your system.